Almost Always Eating, No Joke

Hello world, I’m Talia! I’m a Master’s Student trying to live a balanced lifestyle. I’ve always been intrigued by cooking, whether it was binge watching cooking shows or making ravioli with my family, and Instagram became an outlet for me to share the meals I love to eat. As a college student, it was always hard figuring out how to eat the things I love while not overspending, and though it took some time, I’ve finally come up with how to grocery shop on a budget.

It’s not easy trying to balance eating right, eating what you want, and eating within a budget, but hopefully my posts will encourage you to do just that. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have! As always, go to my Instagram and hit follow to see daily content, or follow along with this blog to see some expanded content.